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Today we are a leading distributor of products of various types for Latin American markets in the field of plastics. We are an important player and a strategic partner for companies that begin their first international operations. Our Financial and Credit division accompanies countless firms to start in international trade.

We ensure a higher level of products with dedicated manufacturing plants and checked by ourselves. With an international presence, we are also committed to personalized customer service, not only do we offer merchandise in a timely manner, but we also maintain a personalized program with brand and customization capabilities specifically focused on large quantity programs. for our customers

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PLASTICWORLD TRADING LLC (PW) began operating in 2013 as an important importer and exporter of products from various wholesale items, including plastic products, machinery, textiles, among others. We have capitalized our solid global network of suppliers and buyers and our great purchasing power to provide the best value and quality products for all our customers. In 2015/2016, we focused our main operations on import and distribution of products within Latin American markets, focusing on markets such as Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

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As the demands of the global market change, at PW we remain focused on continuing to provide quality products at the best possible price for our customers. With a strategy focused on our core businesses, expanding product and service lines, continuing and innovating our marketing and distribution, we are confident that we will continue to meet the demands of our most valuable asset, our customers. rs.

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